Kal Flynn studied illustration at the Harrow School of Art. Her work is inspired by nature; focusing mainly on landscapes and flowers.


Kal Flynn Art

The Kal Flynn Art shop has a selection of 10 lithographic art prints for sale; three of which are a special, limited edition of 500. These prints are ‘The Dell of Enchantment’, ‘Orange Flower 1’ and ‘Purple Flower 1.

All the prints are of landscapes and flowers, and are either A2 or B2 size. All of these prints are very vibrant and full of colour; making an ideal gift or purchase for your home or offices.

Quotes and orders for Giclee prints, of any size from A4 to A1 can be requested through the commission section on this website, located on the homepage. Giclee prints can also be ordered from ‘work‘ images, not listed in the shop.